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There is always another Perspective

Issues of equity and injustice have long inspired my art. When I hear and see the burdensome perspectives and hateful neglect that has darkened the lives of so many people, I feel helpless. Therefore, I offer my art to the newly energized feminist and civil rights movements. It is my hope to communicate, through my art, a deeper understanding of the issues that are destroying us. As Americans we can’t exist as us and them, we must come together for the common good of all Americans; and to be true to the heart of our history as Americans, we must always consider the common good for all of humanity—hasn’t that always been the deep mission of “we the people?”   
Title: Wilderness

Title: Steps out of Poverty


Dandelion is an 18"x24" ballpoint pen drawing.

Prints are available in 8"x10" and 11"x14".

Unspoken History 3

Original 18"x24" Drawing SOLD

Available in 11"x14" and 8"x10" prints. 

Unspoken History

I've just started another series called "Unspoken History", which is a continuation of "The Woods" series of drawings.
Unspoken History SOLD

Unspoken History 2 SOLD

8"x10" and 11"x14" prints available

The Woods

One of the joys of my life is walking through the woods on a beautiful spring day. Around each curve of my path, I find that the character of the landscape changes: the combination of pine trees and rhododendrons,or the pristine stream and the rocks that line its journey, or how the sycamore tree hugs the river’s edge exposing its roots, all form a unique place with a unique personality. And like the French Impressionist observed, the same place, again, takes on a totally new character depending on the time of day and the temperament of the sky.  My drawings “Rhododendron” and “Conversations” were inspired by these experiences. It is this line of thought that has woven its way through my art for most of my life.     

Both of these drawings are available for purchase by contacting Susan at
"Conversations" SOLD
9"x12" Framed Pen Drawng

Origninal"18"x24" Drawing

Available in 8"x10", 11"x14" , and 14"x20"prints

Web of Life

18"x24" Pen Drawing on display at the KGAC Gallery in Berea, Kentucky

Available in 8"x10" and 11"x14" Prints

Along the Cumberland

The trees along the Cumberland River are unique sculptures carved by the temperment of the river. I've done an entire series of drawings that show how the roots of the trees hug the exposed rocks that line the river.

Along the River Series #2
5"x8" pen drawing
Along the River Series #1
5"x8" pen drawing

Along the River Series 3
5"x8" pen drawing

Stone Garden

Stone Garden Series #2

Living and Non-Living

The more I explore my imagination and the images I use to express my views of the world, the more I realize I use contrasts to tell my stories--here I've used living and non-living creatures and things to present the temporary and the eternal. 

If you are interested in purchasing these contact Susan at
Stone Garden Series #1
Stone Garden Series #3 (Sold)

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The Village #1
11"x14" Framed Pen Drawing
Available for sale at Damselfly Gallery, Midway, Kentucky

Hook Village
11"x17" pen drawing (sold)

Things, Birds, and Nests

The Wind Always Blows to the Right
9"x14" Pen Drawing (Sold)
One of my artistic narratives is human being's relationship to nature. I like contrasts: lights and darks, living against non-living, and human things against other living things. 
Holding ON (Sold)
11"x17" Framed Pen Drawing

Oil Field
11"x17" Framed Pen Drawing

Sanctuary (Sold)
11"x17" Framed Pen Drawing

Absence of Color
9"x11" Framed Pen Drawing
On display at the Damselfly Gallery in Midway, Kentucky

Naked Cat (Sold)
9"x14" Pen Drawing

Signed Prints (limited) Available
Naked Cat, too
9"x14" Pen Drawing--On display at the Damselfly Gallery in Midway, Kentucky

Signed Prints (limited) Available
Small Minds
11"x17" Framed Pen/Colored Pencil Drawing

Signed Prints (limited)Available

Fragile (sold)
11"x17" Framed Pen/Colored Pencil Drawing

Signed Prints (limited) Available
18"x24" Framed Pen Drawing
Prints Available

Interconnection (Sold)
9"x14" Pen Drawing

Signed Prints Avaiable
Old Man Tree
9"x11" Pen Drawing
Moving ON
11"x14" Framed Pen Drawing

Signed Prints Available

Another Face of Red River (sold)

Limited Signed Print Available
The Middle of Time
9"x14" Graphite Drawing (Sold)

Signed Prints Available
A Whisper from the Moon
11"x14" Graphite Drawing (Sold)

Signed Prints Available
The Law of Poetry (Sold)
18"x24" Graphite Drawing

Signed Prints Available
History's Heap (Sold)
18"x24" Graphite Drawing

Signed Prints Available
Nature and Meaning
22"x22"Graphite Drawing Framed

Signed Prints Available
Deep Time (Sold)
18"x24" Graphite Drawing

Signed Prints Available

Publications available by
M. Susan Deaton

Visual Journaling:
Making Visible your
Thinking, Feeling, and Knowing through Drawing and Writing

I've written a book about my drawing techniques and creative process. Included in my book are numerous drawings and poems I've created over the past 25 years. I explain how writing and drawing are interconnected processes that prompt my creative responses to my life experiences. When I started writing and drawing in the same journal, I opened a creative door for expressing myself in ways I couldn't when just keeping a sketchbook. The book includes examples and acitvities you could do to prompt your creativity through keeping a visual journal as well.  Most of the drawings displayed on my website were completed in my visual journal and many are included in my book.

(Include below are a few samples of the content in my book). 

Book: $29.95 + Shipping
Panel Drawings
Lines of Separation
"Lines of Separation" is a set of drawings that emerged from my visual journal.  I call them panel drawings--each panel is 6x9 inches in size.  I can keep them in my journal and work on them as time permits.  As an artist who works another job this process works well for me.  Doing the panels makes it possible to do larger works of art.  When they are framed each panel is raised off a charcoal background with about an 1/8 of an inch separating each panel.   Each individual panel works as its own composition and all four panels together work as a composition.   
The mind of life opens—
the boundaries of completeness
are defined by rain and light. 
The glistening of dew
and the sound of birdsongs
celebrate the simple eternity of moments. 
If I am silent and listen
I can feel its wisdom
and know that I too am perfect. 
                                                      ---Susan Deaton
The Faces of Red River
Faces scatter
and open their expression
to the velvety touch of moss
and the board shiny leaves
of the rhododendrons.
They cradle the delicate fern
 in their solid grasp;
and hold their place
as the roots of the maple trees
dig to find the riches
they cannot offer.
                    ---Susan Deaton
Red River
The Red River Gorge is a place in eastern Kentucky.  For me, it's one of the most beautiful places in the world.  At the bottom of the gorge, cliff faces have fallen and broken in small remnants-- ferns, maple trees, and moss embrace the stones, creating the most enchanting stone garden.   It is truly an inspirational place for me. 

A Whisper from the Moon

Art and Poetry by M. Susan Deaton

$12.00 + shipping